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Exotic Pet Sitter

Find Reliable Overnight Pet Sitting With Fur A While!

When it comes time to hit the road with the family, most people feel at least a little guilty about leaving their pets behind. When we invite a pet into our home, they become a true part of our family. As a shared member of our family, we owe it to ourselves to make sure that they are always receiving the best care possible. Whether you are in need of an exotic pet sitter or merely an overnight pet sitting professional, Fur A While can be of assistance. Here at Fur A While, we work our hardest to build perfect trust with our clients. 

Fur A While is built around our passion for the health and happiness of animals. After working as a Veterinary Technician in Brooklyn for a number of years, Denise Morales is now offering her services as an overnight pet sitting professional. Her passion for the health, happiness, and welfare of your pets allow you to make that stress-free time away from home that you've been looking for. 

When it comes time to book your overnight pet sitting service, we will only need a little bit of information. Primarily, we make time for a quick Meet and Greet before you head on your way. During our Meet and Greet, we will become acquainted with your pet before discussing any special needs or home set-ups. 

Contact us today to discuss your booking and to hear more information!

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