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Dog Walker Near Me

How To Find A Professional Dog Walker Near Me

When it comes time to hire the best dog walker near me, where do I turn to? Here at Fur A While, we know how hard that question can be to answer. We work our hardest to treat your animals with the care and comfort that they deserve. Fur A While is a full-service dog walker Brooklyn customers can rely on. With industry-standard insurance, flexible payment services, and a pet-focused approach to animal care, we are ready to assist you!

We service all of downtown Brooklyn as well as the surrounding areas. If your location isn't on our current map, feel free to contact us as we are willing to travel. We offer an array of personalized services for pets of all types. Whether you need our cat sitting or dog sitting services, we are more than happy to assist. We also offer exotics sitting for animals with wings or scales because every pet deserves love and comfort. 

As far as our dog walking services go, rates are based on the number of dogs as well as the length of the walk. With a surcharge as little as just $5 per extra dog, this can be a great way to make sure all of your dogs are taken care of at once!

Fur A While offers a sterling reputation and the work history to prove it. Now is your chance to book the best dog walker Brooklyn has to offer!

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