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Dog Sitter Brooklyn

What Are the Benefits of an In Home Dog Sitting Caretaker?

Every time that we leave our dogs behind, we end up feeling guilty. How could we not? As man's best friend, our dogs do everything in their power to make us feel happy and content, so why should we not return the favor? Whether you are leaving town for vacation or merely working more than usual, hiring an in home dog sitting professional can help to alleviate your worry. What's more, when you hire the best dog sitter Brooklyn has to offer, you are ensuring that your furry friend is well-taken care of. Here at Fur A While, we offer a pet sitting service you can truly count on.

Fur A While was established by Denise Morales, a professional Veterinary Technician based out of Brooklyn. With several years of work in the field, dealing with both Critical Care and General Practice, Denise is more than qualified to handle whatever pet sitting can throw at her. From walking and playing with your dogs to handling any emergency vet trips, Fur A While can get the job done. 

We begin our services with morning visits ranging between 7 am — 11 am while evening visits go from 6 pm — 10 pm. If you are looking to hire us for overnight work, those typically go from 8 am — 8 am. All services are covered by Pet Sitters Associates, our industry-standard pet sitting insurance.

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